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BEMS systems implementation

Operational needs and the way of working are changing, and plant flexibility also demands new technical solutions all the time. Analog control, DDC, PLC IoT systems, allow building automation to be highly flexible and scalable in order to meet these changing requirements.

In the area of BMS systems implementation, the activities that can be implemented by Sinted are:

  • Analysis and implementation of Plant Management, remote control, remote management (BEMS- Building Energy Management System) and remote alarm systems;
  • Architecture of the management system;
  • Architecture of command-and-control substations (distributed engineering);
  • Configuration of I/O and virtual points and major energy regulation/saving programs;
  • Identification of field equipment placement;
  • Implementation of Utilities measurement and control systems and environmental comfort.

Automation but not only. Buildings need Security, fire detection, intrusion detection, access control, TVCC and monitoring systems for both consumption and environmental conditions. 

All this information to be usable must be organized, managed and integrated synergistically. Even in a small building, one can talk about BIG DATA. The information coming from the systems is continuous and constant, an asset that too often is set aside or even disregarded. Building Automation are not only for remote control, but also for remote management, designed with methods that aim to improve performance based on metrics such as energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction, and improved and constantly measured indoor environmental quality.

Sinted offers open modular solutions, using products from leading automation companies, in order to cover all of these needs and provide increased productivity, health and well-being, and safety to users.