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Design and construction management

Thanks to the multi-disciplinary nature of its professionals, Sinted is able to carry out "environment friendly" engineering activities that require a project to be followed in all its phases: initial design, planning, monitoring and control of both the project and the works, and site closure ensuring tight process control.

The organization put in place to carry out the individual project will operate with Project Management techniques for the management of all activities, having as reference the Quality System specifically prepared for each Job Order, in order to guarantee the Client compliance with time, cost and quality of service.

The Team, which is formed ad hoc for each job order with the technical specialists necessary to carry out the assignment, coordinated and integrated by the Technical Project Manager (PM), will allow the respect of the execution times and the systematic control of what is elaborated by the individual specialist groups, to assist the Client in obtaining the approvals towards the Bodies interested in the intervention.

In carrying out the function of Construction Management, our technicians perform the task with the duty of diligence required by the client, and explicated in the following activities:

  • the control of the works (with presence at the construction site);
  • conformity of the works with the project (full compliance of the works with what is established by the project);
  • regulatory compliance (adequacy and correspondence of the work performed to current standards);
  • technical verification (completeness and technical correctness of the work performed);
  • accounting-administrative verification (correctness of accounting records and correspondence of settlements to the works-completeness of required authorizations)).