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Implementation of Information Systems

As part of the implementation of Information Systems (IS) Sinted proposes an activity organization process based on 4 steps:

  • Analysis of the client's needs and the type of processes to be managed;
  • Identification and evaluation of the best existing solutions on the market in line with the specific processes that the client needs to manage;
  • Implementation in constant collaboration with the client;
  • Control and verification of the proper functioning of what has been implemented.

Sinted offers the full range of expertise starting from the design of the IT system architecture, to the definition of the hardware and software best suited to its specific needs by integrating the IS within the operational and business process.

Sinted also works for client companies through external and retained specialists and/or specialist companies and aims to:

  • implement BIM models of civil, industrial and healthcare buildings: development of BIM models for Operation Maintenance phase, asset management, facility management, scheduled maintenance, personnel management and monitoring, cleaning and security, environmental impact, through BIM7D and implemented predictive mirroring functions;
  • converting both 2D and 3D CAD models and models generated through 3D laser scanners to BIM.

The implementation of integrated systems such as BIM-CAFM-CMMS-BMS-IoT- Blockchain, for computerization of processes, is now a reality with Sinted.