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Project Management

In the area of project management, the activities undertaken by Sinted are:

  • Design of integrated facility management models, including high-tech services and the use of renewable energy sources for central purchasing companies and private users;
  • Design of integrated models of Property Management;
  • We carry out support activities of the implemented models in start-up or operational orders

All implemented models have clear objectives (KPIs and SLAs) in order to achieve the results expected by the client (public or private) and therefore will be projects with SMART objectives:

  • Specific/Simple (i.e., well-defined and clearly understandable);
  • Measurable (or at least assessable) in its achievability;
  • Acceptable (in the sense of "considered attainable" by the people involved in the project);
  • Relevant (i.e., important to the client, to the point of giving a clear and strong mandate to those with responsibility in the project);
  • Timed/Trackable (in the sense that it must be achieved by a certain date and be able to be tracked in its progress).