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Training and information

Sinted offers wide-ranging training organized on different levels of depth, so that new levels of expertise can be achieved within our client companies.

The training activity will cover topics such as:

  • Facility management;
  • Project management;
  • SInformation systems;
  • Work safety;
  • Minimum Environmental Criteria;
  • Methodologies for the execution of Hard and Soft Facility services;
  • ...etc. 

All training courses will be implemented in collaboration with the client according to its needs and the skills already possessed by the recipients of the training activity, which will be verified by doing an initial questionnaire useful for determining the starting base of the course participants.

The types of training proposed are:

  • Initial training: aimed at young people new to the world of Facilities.
  • Continuing Training: offered to the personate who wants to retrain with a view to relocation or better corporate job replacement.
  • In-depth: aimed at specific business functions that need to improve operational and managerial processes integrated into the business system.